IMPEXSPA S.p.A. was established on the basis of the multifold experience acquired by its executives during years of work in several countries in the field of civil, social and industrial building activities.

 IMPEXSPA S.p.A. is a General Contractor capable of offering to Governmental Entities, Public Institutions and Private Clients, either directly or through its subsidiary companies, all the necessary technical, financial and engineering assistance for the study and implementation of any sort of construction projects.

 IMPEXSPA S.p.A. has established a special branch specialized in the transfer of know-how and up-to date technology in the industrial field, ranging from the supply of individual production units up to the design and construction of complete industrial plants on a "turn-key" basis and to the training of the staff.

In order to meet the special requirements of its clients,

 IMPEXSPA S.p.A. has selected the the world's top specialists in every sector to offer the most tailored solution in terms of capacity, requirements, machinery and equipments.

 IMPEXSPA S.p.A. can offer financial consulting services, in particular in the realization of financial studies for any kind of project and in the acquisition - either through International Financing Institutions or a variety of International Banks - of the financial support required for the implementation of the projects.


Our Offices in Rome are in Viale Eritrea 43 


In the picture above you can see the entrance of our offices in Rome
          IMPEX S.P.A 
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